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SHORT Introduction: PhD scholar in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, International Alumni Board Member

Full Name: Baibhaw Kumar

Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

Study Program: PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Scholarship: Scholarship Hungaricum

Country of Origin: India

Contact Mail: Baibhaw kumar Mail-ID

LinkedIn Profile Link: Baibhaw Kumar LinkedIn

About your faculty: The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics is one of the oldest departments of the University of Miskolc. It offers you a huge variation of research fields. One can develop the acumen in the related field with very experienced professors supported by very well equipped laboratories.

Experience at the university: The University of Miskolc offers students a vibrant campus life for international students. The university recently joined the prestigious QS ranking in category of 800-1000, which reflects it's potential. The campus is surrounded by a very calm and green atmosphere. University dormitories are well equipped for comfortable living.

Experience as coordinator and Alumni Board: The group of International students who work with the current as well as graduated students forms The Alumni board. It works on the welfare of International students and make their stay comfortable at the University of Miskolc.

Few words for coming students: We welcome all the coming students. Feel free to connect with the board. Enjoy your stay, study well and make the time spent worth with amazing experiences.

Full Name: Irem Nur Ustuntay
Faculty: Arts
Study Program: Central European Studies
Scholarship: Stipendium Hungaricum
Country of Origin: Turkey
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About my faculty:
- The Faculty of Arts has more than 30 years of teaching experience. Since 2014, it is hosting Stipendium Hungaricum students within the Central European Studies program. Studying Central European Studies at the University of Miskolc is a great privilege. Besides the qualified academic staff of the faculty, the curriculum diversifies with guest professors from all over the world.
My experience at the university:- My adventure at the University of Miskolc is the most exciting experience in my life.
International Student Unions are well prepared to support students to overcome their problems and show the ways how they can enjoy their time. Despite the challenging environment of being a foreign student, with a warm welcome and kind support of the University of Miskolc academicians, employees, and fellow students, I feel like I am at home.
My experience as a coordinator and Alumni Board: - The Alumni Board of the University of Miskolc is full of passionate and active students from different faculties of the university. Meeting with new international students under the help and support of the International Relationship Office of the university offers an enormous experience regarding practicing teamwork skills. All the students who are ready to make a commitment and play a role in the forthcoming events of the university have a seat on the table. I am delighted to be a part of this community.
words for coming students:
Study abroad and getting out of your comfort zone can be difficult but be brave and get into the water! We are here and waiting for you.



SHORT Introduction: Experienced Researcher and PhD Fellow at the University of Miskolc. Also a Scholarship Hungaricum Mentor (SH Mentor), Erasmus Student Mentor (ESN Mentor) and Alumni Coordinator for the Faculty of Economics.





Country of Origin: GHANA

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 About My faculty: The Faculty of Economics offers good courses for students with a business, finance, economics and management background. The aim of the Faculty is to train professionals for companies and public sector organizations who have well-founded and integrated professional knowledge in a broad and narrow field of management, corresponding to their chosen specialization. Under the Scholarship Scholarship the faculty offers two programs in English; the MBA program and the PhD program. The faculty is well endowed with professors who provide quality training and education to the students.

My experience at the University of Miskolc: My experience at the university, the city of Miskolc and Hungary in general has been an interesting one. The university specifically provides an environment where you get to meet lots of people from different countries with different cultural background which gives you the opportunity to learn from different people. The University provides quality level and high standards of education which makes it easy for you to be absorbed into the job market once you complete. If given the opportunity to choose again, I will definitely choose the University of Miskolc.

My experience as a coordinator and Alumni Board Member: The position as a coordinator for the Alumni network gives me the opportunity to interact with a lot of international students. Being a student's mentor, it is also very easy for me to convince students from my faculty to join the Alumni network. Moving forward, it is my objective to use the platform as an alumni board member to help students in my faculty and liaise their individual problems to the respective bodies within the University.


Few words for coming students: The University of Miskolc provides such a serene environment for students to study abroad. If you have plans of studying in Hungary, then choose the University of Miskolc as so many opportunities and adventures awaits you.


SHORT Introduction: My name is Akzhan Bekzhanov originally from Kazakhstan, Almaty. Since 2018 studying at the University of Miskolc in the Material Science and Technology Department (MAK). Also, I am Scholarship Hungaricum Mentor since 2019 academic year.

Full Name: Bekzhanov Akzhan

Faculty: Material Science and Technology

Study Program: Polymer Engineering

Scholarship: Scholarship Hungaricum

Country of Origin: Kazakhstan

Contact email:

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About faculty: The Department of Material Science and Technology is one of the leading departments in research progress within the University of Miskolc and particularly in Hungary.

Experience at the university: As a master student at the MAK department, I have been involved as a labor-demonstrator and as a mentor for incoming Stipendium Hungaricum Mentors since 2019.

Experience as coordinator and Alumni Board: I have been a faculty coordinator since February 2019.

Few words for coming students: I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you all at the beginning of the New Academic year. Let it be interesting and unusual for you and let it bring new knowledge and discoveries, as well as new challenges.

To the students, I would like to wish a creative, responsible approach to education and interesting professors.  



Full Name: BYAMBASUREN Turtogtokh

Faculty: Earth science and Engineering MFK

Study Program: Earth Sciences PhD (Doctoral) course

Scholarship: Mongolian government

Country of Origin: MONGOLIA

Facebook Profile Link: Turtogtokh Byambasuren

LinkedIn Profile Link: Turtogtokh Byambasuren

Few Lines about your faculty:

The Faculty of Earth science and Engineering represents the widest field of earth sciences among the education institute in Hungary. Many of our courses are unique in Hungary. welcome to visit our website of the facility.

Experience at the university:

Here are some of the things I have learned during my 2 years at the University of Miskolc. I want to say both inside (academic) and outside of the classroom. More mentioned, outside is one of the most important parts of the university. For instance, the international student program, sports program, field trips, dance club et al. It’s important to be open to all the experiences you will encounter at university, the new personal connections, the mistakes you will make, share experience with other professional friends and the fun you will have.

Experience as coordinator and Alumni Board:

My experience as a facility coordinator is something I will never forget. I have learned more about myself in areas pertaining to my strengths and weaknesses. I learned so much from them that it felt like I was a first-semester new student and they were all my mentors. This fall, we will be starting a new journey as the International Relations Office and the Alumni Board

Few words for coming students:

Welcome to the University of Miskolc. Whether you are a returning, first-year, student you will find unlimited opportunities to enjoy university campus life by learning, exploring, and developing together!