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·Can I be an alumni member if I did not earn a degree in Hungary? 

                 Yes, you don't have to hold a Hungarian degree to benefit from the full potential of the AlumniWorld portal. 

·I forgot my password. What can I do? 

                 Please send an e-mail to alumninetwork[at] We will send you an e-mail in your inbox shortly with a link to generate a new password. 

·How can I enjoy the full potential of the AlumniWorld portal? 

Once you have provided a few information under the Registration  menu (personal data, information on studies and professional experience), an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with a validation link. Please follow this link to confirm your registration on the portal welcome page. After clicking on the link, you will be immediately redirected to the portal, to you brand new alumni profile. You can also add further information related to your professional experience and social media presence, helping people to get in contact with you more easily.

·I completed my registration fully. What comes next? 

Now you can use all the exciting services of the portal: create and join groups, check events, browse the database of other alumni members, create contact lists.

·I was a self-financed student, which option should I choose in the scholarship scheme mandatory registration field? 

Please choose Self-financed option. By starting to type in this field, scholarship names and options stored in our list automatically appear.

·What is a contact list and why is it useful? 

By creating a contact list, you can easily mark fellow alumni members who are important for you for some reason (university fellows, potential cooperation partners etc.), so you do not have to start your detailed searches over and over again. You can also decide to receive notifications about the activities of your contacts.

·How can I add someone to my contact list? 

Log in and visit the Alumni members menu and make search among the members. If you have found the given alumni member, click on her/his profile, and then click on the  Add to your contact list  button next to the profile picture. Now this new contact will appear in your Contacts menu in your account and you get a note every time when this alumni member creates a new group. Here you also have the opportunity to delete from your contact list, by clicking on the Delete from your contact list”  (alumni member name) button.

·Will my newly added contact receive a notification about this activity? 

No, she/he won’t receive a notification. This is just a list, to make your user experience and your networking more effective and comfortable. 

·Can I contact directly other members through the portal? 

Yes you can through private messages.   

·How can I join a group? 

You can find all groups under the Groups main menu. Browse through the list, find those you are interested in and click on the Join this group button. If it is an open group, you will be automatically added to the members list, if it is a closed one, you have to wait for the approval of the administrator of the group. 

·Who is entitled to create a group? 

All alumni members of AlumniWorld who completed their full registration have the right to create and administer a group or groups. Companies and institutions who are registered as a partner at the AlumniWorld portal are not entitled to create groups. 

·What kind of groups can I create through the portal? 

You can create groups that are in line with the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the AlumniWorld portal, based on a topic that is relevant for the alumni community and relate to one of the interest categories of the portal including education opportunities, gastronomy, higher education institutions, alumni organization, innovation, science, research, jobs, career, networking, society, culture, traveling. Bear in mind that the editorial team will check all new groups, and has the right to delete those groups that do not follow our policies. If this is the case, we will inform you before the deletion.

·How can I create a group? 

After logging in, click on the Create groups  button in your profile. Fill in the related form and save the data.

·How can I create a group forum topic? 

If you want to add a forum topic to a group, you have to join that group first. Then open the main page of the group, click on the Node title above the group picture and choose Create a node. Type your topic or question in the Title field, and give a few opening thoughts in the Body field. Do not forget to save your Node topic. Your topic will appear on the main site of the group where every member can click on it, and add her/his own comments to the conversation.

·How can I reach my groups? 

There are two ways to reach your groups quickly. After signing in click on the My account menu in your personal main menu at the top of the site. Here you should click on the View my alumni profile option, scroll down and below your personal data, you can find all contents you have added to the site. The other way is to click on the Groups main menu, here you can search for your groups too. 

·What are my responsibilities as a group owner?

As an owner of a group, you are responsible for monitoring the communication activities in the group forum. First, you have to add a detailed and clear description about the group to help members decide easily whether to join or not. Then start the discussion by giving a first topic, so other members can react and get involved in the conversation. In special cases, you will also have a moderator role, and you have to report those activities which are not in line with the policies of the AlumniWorld portal. Regular posting and file sharing could be a great way to keep your group on the same activity level, so do not be afraid to make your own contributions. Motivate others to share their ideas and to add other topics to the group.

·Can I invite contacts to my group? 

No, you cannot, but members who follow you will receive an e-mail when you create a group, and your group will also appear on the group list page under the Group main menu, so other members can easily find it anytime. 

·How can I confirm a group membership? 

If you established a closed group, you can follow the alumni who applied for a group membership under the Pending members submenu on the group’s administration site (main menu). Here you have to click on the Approve membership button to approve the membership. You can also reject this request. In case of an open group, you are not able to control the membership and everybody can join your group without any request. Please consider carefully what kind of group you want to establish before creating it.

·How can I transfer the group’s administration to someone else? 

If you want to transfer your administrator status to another group member, you have to indicate this request to the moderators or administrators of the site, through the About us.

·Can I exclude a group member from my group? 

Yes, you can, if you are the administrator of the group. On the main page of your group, you will find a related main menu. Choose the Members submenu, search for the member you want to exclude, click on the View member button and remove him or her from the group. It is recommended to notify this member about the exclusion. 

·How can I leave a group as a member? 

If you want to leave a group, you just have to click on the Leave the group button on the landing page of the group. 

·How can I delete my group? 

If you want to delete your group for some reason, you have to give a note about the issue to the administrators of the Alumni World portal. Only they have the right to delete a group. Before you make this decision, please consider this as deleting your group results in the deletion of the content of the group. If you still think that the deletion is necessary, please notify the members of the group first.