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Join the Alumni Community of the University of Miskolc!

Here you can establish and maintain contact with all the former full-time and part-time foreign students, who have attended or graduated from our university by looking for them in our Alumni Database.

You are also given further opportunities to:

  • benefit from your Hungarian connections
  • share your experience about Hungary and Miskolc, as well as about studying at the University of Miskolc
  • enhance your professional network
  • receive news and information regarding career and further education possibilities
  • create alumni events to meet your former fellow students
  • establish alumni groups for discussions in any kinds of topics you are interested in

All you have to do is registrate on the website. Registration is free.

We are looking forward to seeing you among the members of the Alumni Community of the University of Miskolc!

Famous Alumni

Our Alumni Community has several well-known members like artists, politicians and sportsmen.


ByeAlex, (Alex Márta) singer, studied at the Faculty of Arts

Noémi Kiss, writer, translator, critic, graduated at the Faculty of Arts, 1997, 2000


László Kapolyi, mining engineer, economist, politician, member of the MTA, graduated at the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering, 1957

Management and Administration

Media and Politics

Sándor Káli, politician, mayor of Miskolc (2002-2010), graduated at the Faculty of Economics, 1985

Ágnes Osztolykán, politician, teacher, graduated at the Faculty of Arts, 1998