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Being a mentor is a difficult, but rewarding task. You can help someone find their path of life, choose from the possibilities and choices, make the right choice, and not only fight for but reach their dreams as well.

In your home country as a representative of the University of Miskolc, you can play the role of a mentor. You studied here, you became familiar with the study programmes and courses of the University, the  lecturers, professors, fellow students, laboratories and Miskolc itself. You gained ample experience about the everyday life of a student  from studying, preparing for and taking examinations, to shopping and enjoying life in Miskolc.

Why don't you help  young people in your surroundings with  your experience and your advice, all based on your years at the University of Miskolc as a former student. If you are interested in such a role, let us know [here]

International Student Ambassador Programme


The title of International Student Ambassador  (ISA ) is awarded by the Rector of the University of Miskolc each year to a certain number of  current international students on the occasion of the degree awarding ceremony of UM held in June.


International student ambassadors are selected based

  • on their enthusiasm and commitment to assisting international students and promoting the University of Miskolc,
  • on their outstanding study and/or scientific results,
  • as well as keeping in mind the international diversity of student ambassadors.


ISAs as active students and as Alumni of the UM shall

  • be registered Alumni members of the University of Miskolc (
  • create a profile at where present and prospective students can ask them about their experiences related to UM, Miskolc and Hungary,
  • link the International Relations Office of UM, the Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor System and the current international students of the UM (collecting suggestions, having the role of a voice-tube at  faculty level),  
  • share their positive personal experience and enthusiasm with prospective students and promote UM among friends and acquaintances,
  • take part  in international university events if requested,
  • have thorough knowledge of the University of Miskolc and be involved in student life,
  • actively promote the training programmes and research potential of the University of Miskolc in their home country (eg. as invited guests at recruiting student fairs),
  • stay active Alumni members of the University of Miskolc (by sharing news and events at the Alumni website, by creating networks, by being active in Alumni groups and  helping prospective students with information and guidance).

Deans of faculties have the right to nominate the most appropriate candidate for the title. Each faculty involved in international degree-programme education shall nominate yearly one student for the title who has completed at least one semester and who is not in his final year.

The final selection is done by the Committee of which members are the vice-rector for international relations of UM, the chancellor of the UM – or their their delegates - and the chairman of the Student Council of UM. Nominations shall precede at least with two months the awarding ceremony.

The title is valid till withdrawal.