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Our Inspiring Alumni- University of Miskolc- Interview with Sarkhel Hawre Mohammed, former MSc student, Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering

03. April 2020. 22:05
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Actually Hungary it was a treasure of skill, education and communication for me, I dare to say that study in Hungary is not just good achievement in education but in all aspects of everyday life the quality of my course in Hungary lead to hold my skill everywhere.

Name: Sarkhel Hawre Mohammed, Kurdistan region- Iraq

MSc student (2015-2017), Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering, University of Miskolc, Miskolc, Hungary

Research Field: Water resource engineering, Hydrogeological Engineering

Current Position: Assistant lecturer at the University of Sulaimani


  1. How did you decided to study in Hungary and specially at the University of Miskolc?

The KRG in Iraq has a MOU with Hungary so when the ministry of higher education of KRG announced the Stipendium Scholarship I decided to apply, and I found the university of Miskolc is one of the best universities of my speciality.

  1. Have you heard about Hungary before planning to study here?

Actually, not much enough but I had a friend studied there so I heard about the Universities and everyday life of Hungary

  1. What was your first reaction after landing in Miskolc? What were you excited about and/or nervous about after reaching Miskolc?

Indeed, was a great moment to see the beauty of Miskolc especially the beautiful university campus beside the city.

  1. What do you like the most about the Miskolc? What was your favourite travel experience in Hungary? Did you find any cool places that you weren’t expecting?

I have been in a few places like Eger, Sátoraljaújhely and Debrecen was amazing  

  1. How did the study in Hungary and the at the University of Miskolc affect your future career path? What is one difference between education in your country and education in Hungary?

The quality and opportunity of education in Miskolc University lead me to hold my skill everywhere for my future but the biggest difference with my Home university the events at the university

  1. Tell me about your favourite Professors at the University of Miskolc. What do you like about them?

Hopefully I like all the professor and staffs but My favourite teachers Proffesor Peter Szucs and Professor Tamas Madarasz at the Institute of Environmental management

  1. What is one part of Hungarian culture that you are excited to share? What was the most interesting thing you learned about the Hungarian culture?

The people are friendly respectful that make me very excited, I love Hungarian folk dances

  1. What do you like most about Hungarian People?

They are helpful and friendly

  1. When you were studying for a test or final exam during your university, did you preferred to study by yourself or with a group of friends?

Actually, I tried both but, in my opinion, sometimes students need to study alone to try to figure out their mind, so I tried to study alone mostly.

  1. Describe your best Hungarian friend and International friend. How is he or she similar to you? How is he or she different?

I am lucky to have a friendly, lovely mentors during my study all the time they were in contact during my needs

  1. Were you involved in any volunteering activity in Miskolc during your studies or your Hungarian stay? If yes, Tell me about your volunteering experiences. Do you feel it is important to be involved? How does it help students to build skills for the career?

Yes, I involved in different type of ESN Miskolc activities like helping paralysed children in the hospital and co memorandum for peace and visiting animal shelters giving them breed.

  1. Was there anything unique about studying at the University of Miskolc? How would you describe study at the University of Miskolc in five words?

The most interesting thing in the University and interesting for me for example I was a student in the department of hydrogeology and engineering but when I wanted to use and visit in the different labs at the different institute was so excited and helpful

  1. What are some suggestions or advice you would like to share with foreign students coming to the University of Miskolc, Miskolc, Hungary for study?

One of the most comfortable university you can find everything related your daily student life inside the campus

  1. Describe in brief about your experience at the University of Miskolc and Miskolc city.

I really like Miskolc because it is not too big you can visit everywhere easily with the nice centrum street.

  1. Any funniest moment wants to share about your stay in Miskolc?

We had a mass of nice and memorable moments but the student life together it not forgettable

Fleet Footed Miskolc.

  • Best Hungarian foods- Strawberry soup
  • Favourite Hungarian words- Szia Mi csuda, Szia, Mi csinalz, Szeretlek, Koszonom
  • Best Restaurants, Coffee shops or Bar that you are missing in Miskolc- Most of them which I have visited were good and suites me
  • Favourite leisure spot in Miskolc- reading and running
  • Favourite leisure spot at the University of Miskolc- reading and running
  • Best Hungarian friend – Ezster and Gabor
  • Best International Friend- Raghawendra P S Sisodia, Ramdani Abdullah, Madi Mohammed
  • Favourite Hungarian cities- Budapest
  • Miskolc attractions or places you would recommend for visiting- Miskolctapolca, lillafured
  • What is the most that you are missing from Miskolc, Hungary – University campus and Budapest danube
  • Best Shopping Place in Miskolc- Miskolc Plaza
  • Best street of Miskolc- Centrum
  • Your favourite city festival- Running
  • Best partying place in Miskolc- Rockwell, Unihotel
  • Unique machinery, lift etc. seen first time in your life at the University of Miskolc- tram: University single lift


 Soaring High with Wings beneath


  1. First, I would like to ask from which country you come from and what is most important place to visit there and its importance?

I came from Kurdistan region- Iraq, we have a cultural and beautiful city

  1. If you had to choose just one word to describe yourself, what word would you choose? How would your best friend describe you?

I am a straight person; my friend always calls me shekha they love me because I don’t want to hurt anyone in my life

  1. In what way do you assess the success? How did you find your definition of success? What is it?

I can say take a single step and action everyday toward your goal so you will be grabbed to success, for me I am hard worker I always want to improve my skill without being tired.

  1. What is the one thing that motivates you in personal and professional life?

Always I look the leaders and successful person in the world I tell myself what are the difference between them and me.

  1. Tell me what sparked your interest in pursuing a career in the field of Mechanical engineering or your research field.

Actually, my speciality in the major of earth science

  1. What are your life struggles which leads you to success?

I faced many drudgeries in my life due to social and special cultural condition

  1. Share any biggest disappointment in your life. How did you tackle it?

I want to be far from the negative person because always I have been disappointed by them

  1. Are you passionate about something, if yes then what is it?

I am too emotional for my family life

  1. Do you have any interest in playing a sport or joining a club? If yes, which game or club?

Actually, I am doing self-exercise without attending club, but in Miskolc I was attended the running club was really great experience

  1. What types of qualities do you think are important in a leadership at workplace? Have any of your personal experiences helped you to become a good leader?

First the leader should be a reader, according to my experience I am helping all surrounded me with respectable manner always works and payoff to me and another point is working hard in any places

  1. What kind of decisions do you think is really tough to make?

The life is full of challenges for that reason we do not have to be full in fear we have to decide at the right time after negotiation with ourselves the decision become much easier  

  1. Who was the most influential person in your life? And state us the reason.

I always would like to meet the positive and spiritual person 

  1. Tell me something about your hobbies. What types of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Trip around the city of residence, reading, communication with the relatives etc.

  1. Which is your favourite movie? Any movie, which you like and that inspired you to do something?

Usually I am watching the in spiritual and motivational videos because I am not much interesting to watch a movie always

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strong point is hardworking if I want to do something, I will catch it, my weakness is sentimental because, I am emotional to something happening surround me.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am planning to finish my PhD if I will get opportunity and I am looking to grab a position in the Government and Improve my skill in my majority


Raghawendra, Baibhaw